The project aims to design and establish a basic 24/7 National Weather and Flood Forecasting and Warning Center in Bhutan, for providing reliable weather and flood forecasts for early warning of hydro-meteorological hazards. Key activities include the assessment of existing systems for weather and flood forecasting, and identification of capacity gaps; system design for weather and flood forecasting and warning; the development of GIS-based forecast products for Bhutan‚Hydro-Meteorological Services Division‚(HMSD) website; and training of HMSD staff in data collection and analysis, meteogram generation, and analysis of RIMES forecast products, among others.
The project provided technical support services to Bhutan’s Hydro-Met Services Division in designing and initial establishment of a 24/7 national weather and flood forecasting and warning center. Key activities included assessment of existing system for weather and flood forecasting, system design, establishment of basic system, development of GIS-based forecast products, and training