Delivering user-relevant decision support services

RIMES facilitates a co-production approach in design and development of decision support systems to transform data into actionable information for managing resources, mitigating risks and supporting risk-informed decision making. Integrated weather, climate, ocean, and hydrological services contribute to timely and effective decision-making that supports resilient development, resulting in greater socioeconomic benefits. 

RIMES supports the co-production approach in collaboration with the NMHSs, intermediary stakeholder institutions in agriculture, water resources, disaster management among others, and other technical agencies to generate customized hazard information for the end-users: from the national, regional or community-level decision-makers to communities at risk.

With the fast-evolving landscape of data-driven DSS tools and service delivery, we continue to 

  • integrate forecast products of high resolution and varying scales with localized decision context based on the country’s existing and emerging demands 
  • integrate datasets from multiple sources and sectors into dynamic and user-friendly dashboards and advisory generation systems
  • deploy advanced technology for data management, access, and analytics including Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • customize, replicate, improve and scale up DSS to support regional priorities

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