This Project aims address the urgent need for integrated climate information services, covering oceans, and proactive disaster risk management approaches founded on impact-based forecasting and end-to-end MHEWS in Timor-Leste through the following inter-related components: 

  • Strengthened delivery model and legislation for climate information and multi-hazard early warning services; 
  • Strengthened observations, monitoring, analysis and forecasting of climate and its impacts; 
  • Improved dissemination and communication of risk information and early warning; 
  • Enhanced climate risk management capacity. 

The project will enable a paradigm shift to evidence-based planning and early action for climate resilience through accurate, timely and actionable climate information, impact-based forecasting, people-centred, multi-hazard early warning systems (MHEWS) and Forecast-based Financing (FbF). 

It will build the capacity of Timor-Leste to provide the essential high-resolution data and climate information needed to underpin science-based transformational planning and programming, de-risk investments, and facilitate long-term resilience and adaptation to climate change, protecting both human lives as well as the diverse ecosystems that sustain them.

Enhancing EWS in Timor-Leste