This program aims to evolve a systematic capacity building process for NHMSs to integrate emerging  climate /weather forecasting technologies  and best practices into NHMs  operations.


  1. Guide the South Asia Hydromet Forum (SAHF) process through review of their respective NMHSs modernization plans to identify common requirements to improve their forecasting systems and services
  2. Oversee the identified NHMS capacity gaps and needs are integrated into the program activities
  3. Prioritize regional efforts that complement and reinforce national activities leading to a more sustainable program for development of meteorological and hydrological services throughout the region
  4. Evolve collaborative regional strategies to increase the use of ensemble prediction, impact-based forecasting techniques and user-oriented advisory services
  5. Guide strengthening of key elements of the service value chain and align capacity building activities to these requirements
  6. Recommend actions to leverage capacities within the region to strengthen each other through collaborative dialogues, plans and experimental campaigns
  7. Articulate the importance of the program to sectoral agencies/stakeholders for facilitating partnership with user sector for impact-based forecasting
  8. Advocate for sustainability of this program and facilitate additional investments in improving forecasting and climate services
  9. Ensure the activities planned under the program complement the on-going efforts by World Meteorological Organization and other International agencies without replication