RIMES supports capacity building and system development for national-level institutional mechanisms to synergize national priorities in the early warning information value chain and co-production of services. 

This collaborative venture involving NMHSs and intermediary stakeholders is established to assess sector and institution-specific information or service needs. Sri Lanka National Climate Application Center (SNCCA), Bangladesh Climate Information Application Center (BANCCA) and DHM-RIMES Unit for Impact Forecast in Nepal, are initiatives that evolved in data sharing, data analytics, and data management systems leading to development of Decision Support System (DSS) by integrating data from NHMS and sectoral/user institutions. IMD-RIMES Unit: IRU for Impact Forecast in India, is in the pipeline and under consideration.

Bangladesh Climate Information Application Center (BANCCA) 

Bangladesh National Center for Climate Application (BANCCA) was formally established by BMD, Government of Bangladesh in October 2020, serving as an institutional framework to bring together service providers and stakeholders involving 15 climate/weather-related organizations. The BANCCA steering committee, headed by the senior secretary of the Ministry of Defense, comprises 12 members from different ministries. 

BANCCA is established with the aim to facilitate transforming weather/climate services from BMD into usable information to enhance resilience at all levels and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

BANCCA is responsible for the operation and maintenance of DSS and developing the capacity of sectoral stakeholders to utilize and apply these services in areas like meteorological services, disaster management, health and education, urban and rural development, infrastructure, transport and civil aviation, water resources, fisheries and aquatic resources, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, planning and finance. 

BANCCA also monitors and documents evidence for the system in climate applications, provides technical guidance and drafts policy papers to influence climate-resilient investment and development. 

RIMES continues to provide technical assistance in realizing BANCCA’s strategic objectives towards delivering tailor-made services to user institutions and consolidating its best practices as a model for all RIMES members in the region. 

Sri Lanka National Climate Application Center (SNCCA)

Following the 3rd RIMES Ministerial Conference on 25th August 2017 in Port Moresby, PNG, SNCCA was envisioned as a coordinating body in the country and a sub-regional mechanism to drive national/regional priorities in climate applications in a more effective and sustainable way. The Sri Lankan cabinet approved SNCCA as RIMES Sub Regional Hub for South Asia on 24th September 2019.

Noting its rich experience in the climate information application, Sri Lanka is well positioned to encourage and replicate best practices among other RIMES members and the Collaborating States in using climate information at different timescales in planning, decision-making, and in guiding investments to better manage resources and reduce disaster risks. 

The center will be housed at the Department of Irrigation while being operationally linked to the generator and users of climate information across the spectrum: meteorological/climate services agency, agriculture, forestry and biodiversity, animal husbandry, fisheries, water resources, infrastructure, urban development, rural development, health, disaster management, planning, and finance sectors.