RIMES program unit continues to support an integrated national early warning system in Papua New Guinea(PNG), to serve as the sub-regional hub for the Pacific.

RIMES sub-regional hubs are designed to provide decentralized and customized support to the Member States of the respective region. The establishment of the PNG sub-regional hub is a cornerstone in supporting WMO Members and their ongoing and future programs in this region. RIMES supported the PNG sub-regional hub on various fronts including server procurement and formulation of an action plan for integration and replication of all RIMES DSS tools. 

RIMES supported the PNG National Weather Service (NWS) in formulation of concept notes to enhance the SESAME/ AMAMAS - PNG version of the tools. RIMES also engaged in discussions with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL), National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) along with NWS to provide technical support to NWS for improving the climate services both within PNG and for the region. Discussions are underway with NWS, Geo Hazards on evolving priorities and for the installation of the Seiscomp3 at the Sub-Regional Hub.

This collaboration serves as a regional model for service delivery which complies with WMO standards and the priorities of participating countries, and further bolster disaster risk reduction initiatives in the Pacific region.