Work With Us

At RIMES, we are seeking to recruit and retain the best minds with competence and a commitment towards making RIMES vision of ‘forearmed, forewarned and resilient communities’ a reality. Our multicultural staff and global partners are our greatest asset and span across the region to serve 22 member countries and 27 collaborating states. We benefit from their expertise across disciplines and rich local knowledge harnessed to address needs of the end-users.

The Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) for Africa, Asia and the Pacific is an intergovernmental institution owned and managed by its member states, for building capacities in the generation and application of user-relevant early warning information within a multi-hazard framework. 

Why work for RIMES

We customize and apply science based information products and services to anticipate and manage risks to save lives and livelihoods, and promote sustainable resilient development. 

We work across the entire spectrum of information value chain in partnership with government institutions- hydro-meteorological and climatic agencies, sectoral stakeholders, local agencies and communities at risk, global and regional centers, and development partners.

Embark on a meaningful career path with us, full of diverse and exciting personal development opportunities to make a lasting impact in the lives of people across the world.