The project aims to build capacity of:
DOM to generate climate information at different timescales using NWP model and long-range statistical models

DOH on basic and advanced hydrology

Climate-sensitive sectors through Monsoon Forum process

Farmers through FARM School

Activities include:
Training of trainers on basic and advanced NWP modeling and statistical model-based seasonal climate prediction

Two basic training on meteorology for MOWRAM and PDOWRAM staffs

Customization of RIMES’ seasonal forecast system, and system transfer to and training of DOM

Two basic and advanced training on hydrology for MOWRAM and PDOWRAM

Enhancement of SESAME, with addition of drought monitoring module and dissemination systems by voice messaging and mobile application

Transfer of enhanced SESAME to DOA, including training of admin users

Training of trainers for DOA as expert users of SESAME

Two Monsoon Forums to train institutional users in applying seasonal forecast in sectoral planning

Write-shop for FARM School curriculum and module adaptation

Training of Trainers for DOA officials on FARM School

Training of farmers at pilot sites through FARM School

Progress monitoring, evaluation and reporting