Ongoing services provided by RIMES to National Tsunami Warning Centers of Member States include:

  • Seismic, sea level and deep ocean monitoring
  • Data exchange, processing and analysis, and archiving
  • Provision of earthquake alerts and regional tsunami bulletins

RIMES supports NTWCs for the integration of climate change adaptation strategy to reduce vulnerability and enhance community resilience through

  • supporting the development of disaster prevention and response mechanisms:  early warning systems, contingency planning and integrated response, to promote effective community adaptation and risk management
  • building projected climate change related trends into risk and vulnerability assessments, based on current climate variability
  • strengthening existing capacity, among local authorities, civil society and private sector, to ensure effective climate risk management and scale up of adoption
  • integrating adaptation into longer term national and local level sustainable development planning
  • facilitating access to resources needed for adaptation; both technical and financial

In order to build capacity of RIMES member states during severe weather, RIMES is involved in bathymetric, topographic, and exposure data generation for tsunami risk assessment, development of tsunami hazard and risk maps and creation of SOP for tsunami warning

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