Overview of the Heatwave Portal Dashboard

Dhaka, Bangladesh – In a concerted effort to tackle the escalating threat of heatwaves, the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) and Save the Children unveiled the Heatwave Alert Portal for the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) on 06 May 2024. 


The Heatwave Alert Portal, a pivotal part of the El Niño Anticipatory Actions to Drought and Heatwave in Bangladesh Project, provides comprehensive mapping of heatwave conditions across the nation, down to the ward and upazila levels, up to five days in advance. This advanced forecasting capability equips BMD with the essential data to issue timely alerts, empowering the public to prepare effectively for impending heatwaves. 

DNCC Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam delivering a message during the inauguration


DNCC Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam lauded the development of the Portal, stressing its significance in empowering stakeholders affected by heatwaves. He emphasized the necessity of city-specific heat action plans and protocols, highlighting the economic repercussions of heatwave-related productivity losses. DNCC's ongoing heatwave campaign, which includes the distribution of 35,000 umbrellas among vulnerable groups, reflects the proactive measures undertaken to mitigate heatwave impacts. 

Bangladesh, recognized as a climate hotspot in Asia, faces amplified challenges from the broader impacts of climate change, particularly exacerbated by its vulnerable geophysical and socioeconomic conditions. Among these challenges, the looming threat of El Niño-induced heatwaves stands out, posing severe health risks to both humans and livestock. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, mitigation efforts and robust awareness campaigns are necessary to confront this pressing issue.


“At RIMES, we are committed to providing support to the national hydromet service providers  in generating robust climate information and enhancing community resilience through tailored early warning systems. Heatwaves pose a significant threat, and we believe that the Portal will serve as a crucial decision support tool for BMD and DNCC in effectively preparing for and mitigating the impacts of heatwaves,” remarked RIMES Bangladesh Country Program Lead Raihanul Haque Khan.

BMD Director Azizur Rahman expressed the Department’s gratitude for the initiative which will be integrated into BMD’s official website, potentially opening it for public access. This move underscores BMD's commitment to leveraging innovative tools to better serve the community and disseminate crucial information efficiently. 

A temporary drinking station was set up in Kallyanpur, Dhaka City during a heatwave.

Prior to the inauguration of the Heatwave Portal, RIMES and Save the Children in Bangladesh launched a heatwave awareness campaign targeting urban and rural communities with the aim of equipping citizens with essential knowledge and preventive measures. Volunteers led demonstrations on effective heatwave precautions, sparked discussions on resilience strategies, and distributed vital resources such as water bottles and caps.

In parallel efforts, the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has established temporary cooling shelters for vulnerable populations, particularly day laborers, in identified heatwave-prone areas. These initiatives underscore a collaborative approach toward mitigating the impacts of heatwaves and safeguarding the well-being of communities across Bangladesh.


Also attending the inauguration were heads and representatives from the Department of Disaster Management, relevant government bodies, United Nations, different non-government organizations, and the media. (30)